Shaun Lattimer - Starbeck, North Yorkshire
A couple of phone calls with Simon and three fantastic locations were agreed. The morning of the workshop I was a little disheartened by the weather, but Simon’s enthusiasm soon surpassed this. For me this wasn’t about coming away with outstanding shots but to have the confidence in the use of filters, long exposure and looking for great compositions. Simon's passion for photography is for all to see if you’ve watched his videos and I had a brilliant day, albeit 14 hours including traveling!

David Mullen - Lytham, Lancashire
My wife gave me the day out with Simon as a birthday present. I have been interested in photography for many years but my results did not reflect my efforts. It is clear from Simon’s website that he is a very talented photographer and for an enthusiastic beginner like myself, it might seem a bit intimidating to spend a day with someone of his ability.  Right from the introductory call however, Simon put me at ease and focussed on what I wanted to achieve. We started early to catch the dawn’s light, taking some shots of St.Annes old pier which had never occurred to me that it would be worth photographing. Simon took me through some of the technical and composition aspects before we headed up to the Lakes. Because it was my particular weakness we concentrated on composition and he showed me how to get the best out of the scene and work with the light. My knowledge and confidence increased throughout the day and I felt really pleased with the results. In fact I was so pleased with the last shot of the day at Tarn Hows that I am having it printed and it will be proudly hanging on my wall at home. Simon is a great teacher and I now feel very well prepared to get much better results. More than that he has inspired me to get out there and do lots more. Well worth the investment.

David Ireland - Ramsbottom, Lancshire
It was clear from the start of our communication that the workshop was going to be a thought through affair; your study of tide tables for times and heights, similarly for sunrise and as the day approached, your study of the weather forecasts too made me see that you are very dedicated to your craft. Groundwork done, the day was then approached with great flexibility and adapting a choice of locations to suit the conditions made for a variety challenges all handled in a very pragmatic way.

Simon you have a very discerning eye for composition which was the reason I contacted you in the first place, and to spend time with you for some of that to rub off was well worth the time and effort. You described your considerations in uncomplicated terms, never setting yourself up as the last word but offering suggestions where you saw fit. I particularly liked your style of working; to whittle away at all the stuff that detracts from the image you see in your mind’s eye and arrive at the closest possible interpretation, clearing away the distractions from the image by so many different means. I found the experimentation work we did with various lenses in similar situations very useful and this has really helped me to understand the wider applications of the tools I already have (and the ones I don’t) in capturing images that are very satisfying to look back on. And really that is the nub of it! To come away from a day’s shooting in the field and be pleased with the result. In that way I can say most definitely that you have widened my armoury of skills and thought processes, and given me something to take forward that no piece of kit ever can. 

In short, for someone looking to expand their horizons from an artistic or creative point of view through composition, or to better understand the technical and practical elements of camera craft I cannot speak highly enough of your skills and approaches in your workshop. You make for good company Simon in many ways, and your knowledge of the countryside was interesting certainly but it was entertaining too. For people like me with an interest though no great knowledge of the various species of plants and birds we encountered, or ecological matters generally, it was an added bonus and a great part of a very enjoyable and worthwhile day.

David Smith - Ormskirk, Lancashire
Earlier on this year I was fortunate enough to be able to attend three days of one to one training with Simon in the Lancashire and Cumbria countryside. It did not take Simon long to ascertain at what level he should set the training and guidance at. Simon is very knowledgable, informative, friendly and easy going and I learned a considerable amount from him. Throughout the day he guides you through composition, camera set up, including types of filters to use and reviews the images taken. In my case he set me small tests towards the end of the day to see how much I had taken on board. I feel that my photography in general has improved since attending the one to one training. Overall, I was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed the one to one training with Simon. Would I recommend the training to someone else? I already have. Would I use Simon's one to one training again, the answer to that is most definitely. I thoroughly enjoyed the three days one to one training with Simon and got more from the training than I was expecting. Highly recommended.